When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Better

See the next generation of fearsome BOB-CAT® machines, built to keep you a cut above the rest.

No true pro is going to waste time with anything less than the best

When people like us do business, we mean business. So when you ask your dealer to show you the biggest, baddest mower in his lineup, make no mistake—it’s going to be the Predator-Pro™ 7000.

Predator-Pro™ Series:

These aren't the same machines your dad puttered around with

These are a game changer. ProCat™ machines are built to tame acres of unforgiving terrain—whether you do it for the money or just to remind nature who’s at the top of the food chain.

ProCat™ Series:

Beyond rugged steel, there must be a feeling

The best mowers are more than the sum of their parts. Power. Opportunity. The ability to take down one job and roar fearlessly on to the next. Those in pursuit of that freedom need look no further than the QuickCat™.

QuickCat™ Stand-On Series:

So Let's Do This

With BOB-CAT® dealer locations across the country, there’s nothing standing between you and your true nature: Fiercely Independent.